Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Snow day

Although I have been absent in posting, I haven't been absent in writing.  I have a nice long blog in the works for those of you who have sent a request!  Until it's finished I will document our snow day here in Chesapeake.

I honesty didn't think we would get enough snow to even measure so the moment the flurries started Aiden and I put our coats on and enjoyed a few moments of frigid temps...
Before I went to bed I checked outside and it seemed as if the snow was over with no real accumulation.  On one of my walks up the stairs to feed Easton I peeked out the window only to see actual accumulation and what looked like very windy conditions.  Snow in Chesapeake = no school so we bundled up and headed out to play...
This weather is buddy's bread and butter ;-). He LOVES the snow.  I decided to put the old boy to work and call on his natural breed instincts.  He didn't miss a beat and entertained the kids with several sleigh rides!  In the midst of fun Aiden had a meltdown because he was cold.  I had little sympathy considering I pleaded with him to wear his north face mittens and he wanted to wear his cotton ones...cold hands=not my problem if you don't listen to mama
We took a little break from "the elements"...round 2 was so much more successful...
We met up with some other neighbors for a few rides down the hill

Warm hands = big smiles
And Easton enjoyed just hanging with Mommy...

And a brother picture actually happened! This was sent immediately to daddy
And, of course, what is a snow day without hot chocolate :-)

And yoga
 No school tomorrow due to the we go again!