Friday, June 28, 2013

Thoughts on Friday!

There is so much going on in our lives right now.  So many things that I never want to forget and a few storms that I can not wait to pass!  Life isn't perfect but the good always out weighs the not so good!

While Leif was out for June, the boys and I took a little get away to see some friends and family.  It was the first time all of my friends met Easton and it was so nice of them to all make such an amazing effort to come meet our "little" guy!

I was able to attend my niece Kassidy's award ceremony where she received the top award...the words of her teacher left us all in tears....she is such an amazing young lady!

I was able to spend the day with my 2 favorite girls...there is nothing like playing with your cousins...I am thankful that my family feels the same way...we may not always see eye to eye but we are mature enough to look past our differences for the sake of our children!

The friendships I have are so amazing...My girl Christy and I have been friends since we were 8 years old.  Time and distance have been no match for our friendship!  I was so glad that I could attend her 30th birthday!  Given the chance, I would do anything for my real friends!!!

I took this picture the other day...there are so many things about this that I love.  His sweet innocence!  The chunky "michelin man arms".  The fact that he is sucking his thumb.  His sweet little belly.  How peaceful he is....THOSE CHEEKS!  I really can't believe how blessed I am....

These precious moments will fade quickly...Moments between brothers...the love and protection that Aiden shows for Easton.  The hugs, laughs, snuggles and silly faces!  I know that there will come a time when these laughs will turn to nagging little arguments but for now I cherish each and every beautiful moment between brothers

...even the questionable ones.

Summertime=pooltime....I am so proud of how far Aiden has come with his swimming!  My boy is fairly timid and to say that he is a fish in the water is a complete understatement!  This boy is obsessed with swimming!  Go Aiden Go!


The feelings that go along with deployment are's hard to enjoy these last few weeks together knowing that he will be leaving soon and will be gone for close to a year.  How do you enjoy a vacation that you are only taking because your husband is about to leave and travel into harms way????  I will miss him for so many reasons but everytime he comes home I am reminded that with or without kids...we still have it!  He still makes me laugh and I still get excited to see him!  I love him and need him not just for the help he gives me with the kids but also for the way he makes me feel about ME!!!!

Each of us has our own beliefs...I believe in the power of may not!  Whatever you believe, may I ask a favor?  Please keep Aiden in your thoughts and/or prayers next week.  Right now we do not have a lot of details that we are ready to share but we are certainly praying for the best.  We will keep all of our loved ones updated once there is information to share but in the meantime just please pray for our sweet boy and for the best news possible during this stormy weather!

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Happy Father's Day

We had an unconventional Father's Day considering Leif is out to sea and my dad has a weekly date with the golf course which I can not compete with...never have and never will be able to get him off the course!  So it was just me and the boys...ya know something a little different :-)

We got up early and checked out a new church, came home, made lunch, and spent over 3 hours at the pool! 

The best part of the day was a phone call from Leif.  It was so nice to hear his voice and to be able to wish him a Happy Fathers Day!  Although this is hard for us, I can't imagine how hard it is for him to have chosen such a selfless career, thrive at it, but ultimately have to sacrifice family time and memories for the sake of that career!  I can hear the stress, guilt, and worry in his voice and it breaks my heart!  He is such an amazing man and father.  He is supportive, helpful, thoughtful, and involved!  We are so blessed to have him and I am incredibly proud to be his wife!

BUT...yes, there is a "but"!  More and more I can see how this isn't for the weak!  I am incredibly sensitive and Unfortunately I have passed that on to Aiden!  Kids will be kids and they really don't understand but sometimes innocent observations can really hurt! 
Today at the pool a little boy said to Aiden "you can't go into the deep end because you don't have a daddy to go with you".  He obviously meant nothing by it, but it really got to me and I could see the light disappear from Aiden's face.  He was crushed!  Of course he has a fact he has the best daddy ever!  I wanted to cry...for him, for me, for Leif, and even a little for the kid who has no idea how awesome Aiden's daddy is and really no idea how lucky he is to have his daddy in the deep end to catch him every day!

I did my best...I played Daddy in the deep end as often as I could!  I rocked Easton to sleep and caught Aiden as he jumped off the side...pushed "E" in the stroller and back into the pool with Aiden!  We had a really fun day and really made the most of a beautiful day...I may or may not have shed a few tears beneath my sunglasses...I'm only human!  I'm strong but sometimes very weak...I am all about life lessons but also torn between being real and being overprotective!  One of these days I will have more answers but right now I have a ton of questions and uncertainties!  One thing is for sure, my boys have am amazing daddy.  I pray that they are just like him when they get older...if my prayers are answered then all of the unanswered questions are worth it!