Thursday, September 18, 2014

Full hands….

I have really been missing blogging lately and I hope you have been missing me too!  I actually get emails asking for another blog which is really flattering and exciting!  This little blog is just what is going on in my mind, my heart, and my life!  I have been so so busy with my new business but really want to make time for EVERYTHING I enjoy in life…is that possible???

The thing I enjoy the most is my family!  My kids and husband top that list!  Growing up I didn't have a strong family unit and it is something that I really want for my kids!  I am not sure where the downward shift in parenting occurred but I have been on the receiving end of some "looks" and "comments" while out with my kids and it leaves me wondering why people are so turned off….here is just one of my stories…

The other day a girlfriend of mine and I were out with our kids.  A total of 4 of them…2 each…certainly not the poster child for procreation but definitely the antithesis of abortions and no children families!  We walked in to Jimmy John's for a quick bite before heading to the park…GASP...taking our children out in public, actually spending time with them and not placing them in front of a TV or game system all day must be against the law based on the looks we were getting!  Not to discriminate but the looks were coming from "older" individuals.  People who surely, if they were willing and able, had children and possibly grandchildren of their own!  As we were standing in line I felt like someones stares were burning a hole in me.  I turned around to see an older gentleman with his eyes locked on me…I ignored it, placed my order and turned around to see him glaring at me.  In true Teresa fashion I shot him the biggest smile I can muster to prove to him that his glares do not bother me….he mumbles under his breath and looks away!!!  I grab drinks and walk by his table and give him another smile as he says "don't you think you have your hands full"…I am not saying this is a negative comment but it certainly didn't seem like an encouraging one….what I wanted to say is "what's your point" but what I said is something that I had carefully crafted when I received this comment often while Leif was deployed.  "I do have my hands full…and they are full in the best way possible"…He didn't say a word and I continued on.  As I picked up my order I turned around and there he was…super close with an indescribable look on his face…."you are right" he said.  "Excuse me?" I said…."you are right, your hands are full in the best way possible"  He then went on to tell me that he was from San Diego, the best city in the world he added, but his grandkids live here…."So guess where I live?" he said!  You guessed it….HERE.  Close to the grandkids!
I think he knew that his looks were judgmental and in fact, so were his comments, but he was sure to tell me this…"I like how you said that.  Your hands are full in the best way possible.  You are right.  I never thought of it that way but I agree".  I certainly stood a little taller when Aiden climbed from one booth to the next on the nasty floor, and Easton took a huge bite of food and then spit it on the table!  These boys keep me busy, the keep me active, they keep my hands full but most importantly they fill my heart and my life with more joy than I could have ever imagined!!!  Everyday isn't easy but everyday is definitely worth it!!!