Monday, April 27, 2015

A night to remember...

Last weekend was, in the words of my husband, EPIC!!!  After being the hostess with the "mostest" for sometime, I was done!  I got burnt out on always having a house full of people and kids with little to no reciprocation.  As much as I love it, I needed a change of pace.  In our not so little social circle I had noticed people talking about how busy they were, how they just couldn't keep up with all of the birthdays, how it was getting expensive, how maybe we should just celebrate multiple birthdays at once, etc etc.  So combined with my desire to pass off the "hostess" torch, create less stress and expense for those around me, and my crazy idea to get all fancy for my birthday, we decided to keep the craziness small and increase the intimacy and, for lack of a better description, fancy it up because seriously, how often do you get the chance to get all dressed up and hang out!!!

Along with intimate and fancy, my birthday wish was to ask that my guests arrive empty handed and be wined and dined (just not by me hehe). My hubby and my brother (from another mother) aka Uncle Josh, planned an amazing, intimate, and so incredibly thoughtful birthday dinner.  They left no detail behind and made ME the number 1 priority.  Let's be real here, I always come in last place.  I don't mean this in a negative way but it's the truth and it is nobodies fault but my own.  I am always concerned with everyone else's needs and desires but this night was about what made me happy!  They made sure that everything was perfect and that I was as out of the planning process as much as I could possibly be.  They wanted the BEST for me and I was blown away and incredibly humbled!

My most loyal and thoughtful friends humored me by gussying up their guys and as usual they blew me away with their style and beautiful dresses!

The night was perfect.  I let go of all stress for the night.  I was able to be my true self with no judgement or pretense and was actually shocked by all of the kind words that were spoken.  We ate, we drank, I made a few speeches (as usual), we laughed a lot, and hell we even cried some too!  The weather was perfect, the food was delicious, and the people I shared it with completely outdid themselves!  The LOVE that was bestowed upon me was like nothing I have ever experienced!!!  Hence the reason for the tears...

I really don't mind getting older.  Each and every day I learn something new about life that inspires me to be better or even redirects me to what is authentic and meaningful!  I have changed so much in the last 10 years and am really excited and inspired by this journey that I am on in life.  It's a journey that is sometimes so damn hard and frustrating.  I am trying to find balance and peace.  Not really about anything in particular but more so finding an inner peace which is so hard for a sensitive, anal and dare I say neurotic ME!!!  I put myself out there and let my heart be my guide, sometimes to my own detriment…but that is who I am!  I am not perfect, nor is my life, but the beauty of another year is really having the chance (or reason) to reflect on where I am headed and how far I have come.  I have an amazing life.  I am healthy, my kids are healthy, my husband and I have built a strong marriage and a beautiful family!  At night, our last words to one another are usually about how incredibly blessed we are, how we could have never imagined any of this…2 crazy 16 year old kids have actually built a beautiful life over time!  Don't get me wrong, there have been plenty of struggles but we wouldn't have arrived at this place with out them.

Last Saturday was a night that I will never forget.  It was a beautiful celebration for which I actually feel quite undeserving!  My closest friends, my husband, and my life long best friend completely and whole heartedly outdid themselves!  They made this little lady feel like something special!  They gave me the perfect birthday and a perfect night that I will never forget!

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Earth Day

I used to have a black was shriveled, dry and just daring any plant in its sight for a challenge...or a death wish! But thanks to my dad and his belief that horticulture is in my DNA and his willingness to drive a few hours to help me in my yard, I have actually surprised myself with my skills in the dirt.

Aiden has been begging grandpa to come plant a garden since about June of last year when it was really too late to get started on tomatoes.  This year I was on top of the calendar.  Partly because my kids love tomatoes and partly because one of my only and by far my best memories with my dad was sitting in his garden eating cherry tomatoes off the vine.  So...grandpa drove 2 hours, showed great patience with my littles, planted beef tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, cucumbers and even helped me plan out my next project.  Lowes here I come!!!  Lucky for me, it just so happened to fall on earth day so now I look like I really have my stuff together in this whole motherhood thing...SCORE!!!  Happy Earth Day...