Thursday, February 3, 2011

Thankful Thursday...

There are so many things that I am extremely thankful for...may I share just a few!

This Man- Not only is he extremely attractive and the love of my life but he is also my best friend, my personal comedian, an amazing father, the best husband in the whole wide world, my biggest fan...yes I could go on and on but in the words of my good friend Jordan I will just say he is

This little boy-all I can say is that I hit the jackpot with this little boy!  He is beyond the light of my life...he is my reason for smiling and has brought so much joy into our lives!  I strive everyday to be worthy of those adorable smiles and giggles that he gives me!
This Lady- Not only did she give me life but she would do anything for her kids and she has and still does give so much of herself to so many others!  I have the best Mom in the whole wide world and she is the best Grammy to her grandkids, too!

These Girls- I truly have an amazing core group of girlies that have been there through thick and thin...they have been there for all of the most amazing moments and have been there for all of the heartbreaking ones too!  They call to just say "hey" and they answer the phone at 3:30 a.m when I am devastated with heartbreaking news!  We laugh together and we cry together!  THANKS LADIES...I miss you more than I can put into words!!!

yes...I am pregnant in this picture!

To all who serve- Including those that I can personally call my friends!

Yes...these men serve our country...but they don't drink on the job...I Swear!  They deserve a break!

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