Monday, March 3, 2014


Have you ever heard the saying "it's the thought that counts"?  Thoughtful gestures have been so comforting to me while Leif was deployed... Whether it was a knock at the door with dinner or a gift in my mailbox that said "thinking of you" or even a simple text that said "how ya holding up", the thoughtfulness of others has been amazing.  I can't tell you how many times I have heard "It's just something small" or "it's a silly gift" or "I wish I could do something for you" and each and every time I am amazed at the effort and selflessness of my friends.  They will meet know how much they have really done for me...

"Cupid" made sure I was loved on Valentines (and the 4 days leading up)
Thanks cupid...Tara, Erin, Nicole, Abby, and Christy!

Tara and Micah surprised me with a "thank you for serving gift". To thank ME for my service here on the home front.  Tara knocked on the door and had a sweet speech (tears from both of us) and then handed me what she called "just something silly"...farthest thing from was beautiful and perfect...
How appropriate??? And Micah even decorated my bag...
These are just 2 really thoughtful gestures out of the many I have what I am really trying to say's not just the thought that's having a thought and making it count!  Regardless of how small or silly it may seem to you...make your sweet thought COUNT!!!  You never know what it could mean to someone!!!  

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