Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Earth Day

I used to have a black was shriveled, dry and just daring any plant in its sight for a challenge...or a death wish! But thanks to my dad and his belief that horticulture is in my DNA and his willingness to drive a few hours to help me in my yard, I have actually surprised myself with my skills in the dirt.

Aiden has been begging grandpa to come plant a garden since about June of last year when it was really too late to get started on tomatoes.  This year I was on top of the calendar.  Partly because my kids love tomatoes and partly because one of my only and by far my best memories with my dad was sitting in his garden eating cherry tomatoes off the vine.  So...grandpa drove 2 hours, showed great patience with my littles, planted beef tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, cucumbers and even helped me plan out my next project.  Lowes here I come!!!  Lucky for me, it just so happened to fall on earth day so now I look like I really have my stuff together in this whole motherhood thing...SCORE!!!  Happy Earth Day...

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