Sunday, May 3, 2015

Have big dreams...

I'm sure everyone has heard the expression "have big dreams, you will grow into them"...
We are dreamers!  Two crazy kids in love at 16 with big dreams!  When Leif joined the Navy he talked about his dream truck.  He's had multiple vehicles but would never treat himself to what he really really wanted!  There was always a reason why the timing wasn't right...until yesterday!  Hardwork, dedication, and patience were all cashed in yesterday for his dream truck!  People keep asking what he is going to haul...he's hauling hardwork, sacrifice, and service!  He's hauling big dreams!!  There's nothing heavier!
He's a humble dude so he'll hate me for writing this BUT the first time a stranger says "nice truck". I know he'll secretly high 5 himself.  Partly because it is a nice truck but mainly because he EARNED it!  Proud of you babe...and really really happy for you!!!

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