Thursday, March 17, 2011

Just Perfect...

Aiden is now 18 months old and changing every day...literally EVERYDAY!  He is becoming more confident and trying new things...sometimes it is scary!  Where is my baby boy?  It seems like the moment I became a mother I noticed this silly competition between moms...and I have noticed that some moms would rather blantantly lie to me than just admit some small insignificant truth about their child!  For example, "little bobby has slept through the night his entire life"...really?  Well Aiden didn't sleep through the night until he was 16 months old...yep, that's right 16 months old...not 1 month, not 6 months, he was 1 year and 4 months old...Does that make me a bad mom...HA!  Does it matter!  I have found myself shying away from friendships b/c in my honest opinion WHO CARES????  What is really important?  Little Bobby knows his alphabet forwards and backwards, he sleeps until 10 am everyday, rides in the carseat with no problem, knows exactly what he can and can't touch in the house and he can say supercalifragilisticexpealidocious in 35 different lanuages! AWESOME...well Aiden loves to hide the remote...a month later it is still "hidden", he farts in the bath tub and thinks it's funny, and loves to be naked!  Sometimes his clothes are wrinkled, his hair is a mess and he refuses to let me change his diaper!  But he still snuggles, his giggles are contagious, he loves his Momma, Daddy and Buddy, AND he is healthy, happy and ALL MINE!!!  Here's the me the truth is PERFECT!  No need to embellish or lie.  Aiden may be "developmentally" ahead, behind or right where he belongs...who knows?  Who cares?  Who's counting?  Over the past few weeks I have been reading several blogs that I feel have really brought me to such a great place and reminded me, at the most perfect time, what is REALLY important in in particular is about a little 5 year old girl with brain's heartbreaking but at the same time inspiring...her mom put it so perfectly when she said..."I also know that we will never, EVER be the same in many good ways.  I think I will forever appreciate all the little happy moments life has to offer. I don't think I will ever be tied to my calendar so closely again.  What my kids wear, what their hair looks like; none of that matters anymore.  There will be lots of kisses and lots more hugs around our house.  Birthdays will be celebrated a little longer and Christmases will mean so much more.  I know I will enjoy the sun a little more, spend more time outdoors and every moment I can with my children just enjoying life."
So the next time I begin to feel like I have been thrust into LALA land and The lies of a perfect child, I am going to look over at my little boy and THANK GOD that he is PERFECT just the way he is...naked, Dennis the menace hair,       remote in one hand and ketchup bottle in the other!  
If you have a quick minute...say a prayer for little Lucy...I will link to her Mom's blog below!!!

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  1. ahem... Dominic didn't sleep through the night until 16 months either! When I had other moms tell me their child "came home from the hospital sleeping through the night" it made me cringe. Whatever!

    Thanks for linking to that blog. I'll definitely check it out.