Thursday, April 14, 2011


So do I even really need to say it?  OK, I will!  Disney World was a BLAST!  It was everything I hoped it would be and then some.  There are so many things that I can say about Disney so I will try to post a few different blogs about it!
There were multiple moments at Disney that I felt were "The Moment".  My niece Kassidy saying "I can't believe we are really here", driving in to Magic Kingdom the first day and my eyes filled up with tears (thank you sunglasses), my youngest niece, Kasey, saying her favorite part was coming to see me, or just the sheer enjoyment and excitement in the eyes of my family!  Aiden was such a TROOPER!  My boy loved every minute of Disney!!!  He rode on the rides, napped in our arms (or the stroller), waved to the characters (and waved and waved and waved), danced to the music, pointed at everything, repeated everything,  waited "patiently" in line, and gave LOTS of hugs!  My nieces loved hugs!  If I heard "Aiden can I have a hug?" once...I think I heard it a million times...a million times each and every day!  Below I will post a few pictures and as time allows I will try to blog about the specifics!!!
The Whole Group!


TeaCups...Aiden loved to SPIN

We treated him to an icee!  (Kasey in the background)

Animal Kingdom Safari

Animal Kingdom

Hollywood Studios

HUGS (Kasey and Aiden)

High Five!

The Princess Dinner!  (Is that face not priceless?)

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