Friday, May 6, 2011

20 Months?

Really?  Is my Son actually 20 months old?  I was ok with the 18 months and the 19 months but 20 months just seems so close to the age of 2!  There is absolutely nothing wrong with the age of 2 but I just can't wrap my head around the fact that I will have a 2 year seems like just yesterday I was walking the neighborhood...and walking...and walking...and walking...just hoping to go into labor so my family, who had been at my house since my due date, would stop staring at me...literally trying to put me into labor with their looks!  I enjoy every second that I have with Aiden and I look forward to every little thing (and big thing) that is to come!

This is what 20 months looks like for Aiden:

Your nickname is love to climb, swing and hang from everything...

You have started to come out of your shell...while visiting family in Rock Hill, SC...Aiden would just grab someone by the hand and take them on a walk...for a little boy who just 2 months ago, only wanted Momma, I was very proud!

You are not a fan high chairs in would rather stand up in a booth...what a big boy!!!

You love keys and have always loved keys but now that you can say the is too cute..."keeeeey"..."Keeeeeeey" and you love to explore the car...although this Momma learned her lesson when you broke her automatic sunshade and her sun visor all in a 2 minute span...the $2k it is going to cost to fix it made me want to throw up but a valuable, or shall I say costly, lesson was learned!

You learn a new word (or two) everyday...but Elmo is STILL your favorite word!

You love the water (or laler as you call it)...bath tub, faucet, water table, pool or just love anything that has to do with water!

This time last year you were sitting in a cooler at the beach...this year you are all over the place in "Aiden's Ocean" aren't a huge fan of the soft sand though!

You STILL love gadgets...cell phone, remote control, name it...Daddy has yet to let you explore the Ipad (smart Daddy)

We are "working" on our manners...I am trying to teach you "no ma'am"...right now you say "No Man"

Your first sentence..."Uh Oh...It's Broken"

Balls, bubbles and Balloons...still your favorite!
OH....And you are the cutest little boy with the most shining personality!!!  (I might be biased but other people have confirmed this)

Every day is Mother's Day when I look at this sweet face!!!

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  1. He gets cuter every day! I can't believe he's so close to 2!!