Saturday, September 24, 2011


We made it to Maryland. Are we settled? Negative...and unfortunately I have a feeling that we won't ever really get settled while we are here! Deciding what you may or may not need over a 3 month period while your belongings are in storage is a lot harder than I thought! I have already found myself "needing" something that I didn't pack. Over the past week, the hubby and I have been extremely busy helping my mom with some house stuff, catching up with friends, oh and....Aiden started preschool!!! He is attending Good Shepherd Educations Center on Tuesdays and Thursday from 8:30-11:00 am!

I think the decision to put Aiden in a morning program was truly for both of our benefits. Sure, Momma needs a little time to herself but I believe that this time will be equally beneficial to Aiden. He will have the opportunity to play with a group of other children, participate in structured activities, and also spend some time out from under my wing!!! He was such a big boy on his first day...we took him into his classroom, showed him his cubby, and then sat down at the table to color!

After a few minutes of coloring, Aiden spotted the he went!

Once Aiden became preoccupied we knew it was time for us to make our much as I wanted to sweep him into my arms and give him approximately 47 kisses, tell him over and over that I love him and that I will be back...I resisted!
We made our escape and as soon as I hit the hallway the burning sensation in my eyes began!!! I really wanted to break out into the ugly cry but instead of embarrassing myself and my husband, I took a deep breath and tried to leave the building before anyone noticed my red eyes! Once we reached the car my husband looked at me and said "now what?" For the first time in 2 years we didn't have our son with us and we had absolutely nothing to do! So what did we do???

Mommy and Daddy went to Panera...ate breakfast and I drank a full latte while it was still HOT!!!! Trust me, it was nice BUT I missed my boy!!! Breakfast just isn't the same without tiny little hands all over it!!!
So...Aiden survived school...and so did I! When we picked him up from school...after I swept him off his feet and into my arms and embarrassed him with too many kisses, we were walking down the hallway and I said "Aiden, I am so proud of you" and Aiden looked at me and said "I'm proud of you Momma" and gave me a big hug!!! PRICELESS!!!

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