Thursday, November 8, 2012

Why blog?? and a note from Aiden

You would never guess how many times I start a blog and then hit the delete button.  It's pretty crazy!  I often ask myself  'why blog"?  Most of the time I blog for me, for my own memories.  To keep track of the little things that I know my mind won't hold onto forever.  Sometimes I blog to share a fun recipe or project but those blogs aren't nearly as often as my "Aiden" blogs.  I try to keep my blogs about things that are fun and exciting.  Trust me, my life isn't perfect and everyday isn't a walk in the park but I would rather focus on the good and only blog the "not so good" as a reminder of how fortunate I am and also to keep "what's important" into perspective.  I know I am not changing the world or inspiring others in any way but I want to do what ever I can to document our life.  I want to remember any little thing that I possible can.  But sometimes I wonder if it is a valuable use of my time (usually the time I should be sleeping)  I know that some of the grandparents really enjoy the blog and some of our distant friends like to know what's up with us but otherwise I am just keeping a journal for my own selfish needs!  This morning I received the sweetest email from our best buddy Tom who has been deployed for 9 months and will HOPEFULLY be home soon.  He said  " I can't wait to see the new place, I love the pics that you have posted!  I am glad that you blog, it makes me smile!  It is always great hearing about the Gundersons."  Well Tom, not only did your email make my day but your sweet words and "validation" reminded me why I blog!  
Here's a little something to make you smile!  Leif has been in and out a lot...but this last time has been really hard on Aiden.  I will write more about that later but we have started a routine where every night we "send" daddy a note.  I let Aiden do all of the talking and I send Daddy his message word for word.  His words are always sweet, he usually says "I love you and good luck" (why good luck?  no clue) but tonight was just too cute.  Here is Aiden's letter to Daddy and the picture he chose to accompany it!
"Nighty night daddy! I love you! Where is daddy? On the ship!  Do me a favor, jump in the water and look for lobsters .  Where do you go on the ship?  I had a great day at school today! I love you bigger bigger! Love, aiden"

He has money in his hand...don't ask me why!
Stay tuned for a fun blog on Aiden's big boy room progress!!!!

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