Sunday, November 18, 2012

A "big boy" room...

Ever since we moved into our new home we have kind of been in a transition phase.  At first, we knew we were pregnant but no one else did so we couldn't talk about our plans for each room.  Then we felt like we were waiting to find out the sex of our newest addition before we could make any real plans for a nursery.  I felt like as the time went on my list of desires for the house got longer but my motivation got smaller.  When you can't lift your head off the pillow with out barfing it makes it hard really get inspired and get your rear in gear.  I finally prioritized my "wants" and asked for help.  First order of business is Aiden's big boy room.  I enlisted my oldest and dearest friend Josh for some of his help because let's face it...the man can do it all.  Although by profession, he is an architect, I've yet to find something he can't do.  My request was simple...I want a fun "big boy" room for Aiden that isn't "theme-y" or too juvenile.  Something that he will love now and love in 4 years from now.  (Side note: Aiden wanted a toy story room, then a fish room, then a batman room...definitely why theme's just don't work for us).  As usual, I gave Josh most of the control and he delivered!  Here are the plans for Aiden's BIG BOY room...

It's Josh said, he made it young and playful yet sophisticated at the same time.  Now, although I gave Josh complete creative control let's be realistic, I am a control freak!  So...I did haggle back and forth with him over a few things and for some I won and others...I lost.  The thing about Josh is that he knows me all too well!  He simply told me to get over my fears of drastic design and just go for it!  So while this is our plan/inspiration board, not every one of these things will be in the room.

For our first 4 months in our home, Aiden's new room was our toy room.  The room with the infamous chalkboard wall.  It is kind of funny because since our home was a homarama show house, most of my neighbors have already been inside my house and the 2 comments I always get are #1 I love your kitchen and #2 How awesome is that chalkboard wall?  Well folks, here is the dirty truth.  The chalkboard wall is not all that it is cracked up to be.  It is messy, it doesn't erase properly,  Aiden wasn't really into it for more than a few minutes, and it is impossible to clean.  Here is the proof

This is what it looks like prior to being erased

My attempt at erasing the scribble...basically smeared it!
I know it really doesn't matter since it is a kids room, but I just couldn't live with the streaks and smears so bye bye chalkboard wall!!!  Unfortunately it took a whole container of baby wipes, several attempts with a sponge and multiple trips to clean out the water to get the chalkboard wall clean enough.  Obviously I wasn't on a ladder cleaning it, so THANK YOU to Nana who helped me get the high areas!  (she would kill me if I posted a picture of her on the ladder)
Still has stains on it...nothing a little primer can't fix!
Almost everything for the room is either here or on it's way.  I have been bargain shopping like a mad woman!  Between sale watching, coupon codes, and Ebates, I am pretty pleased with my financial output for this room.  (please tell me you use ebates)  I really don't want to spend a ton on furniture because let's face it...if he doesn't get sick of it, I probably will!
I am hoping for the room to be finished in early December and then we will move on to the nursery!  In the meantime, here is my baby napping in his big boy bed!  Stay tuned for the big reveal....

***A quick side story...When Aiden's bedding came in he said "hmmm, I guess that store didn't have toy story?"  Guess not!!!

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