Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Sunday Funday...

For the past few months a couple of girlfriends and I have been talking about doing a day of boating on my best bud Tom's awesome boat "The Farm".  After a conversation about how nice the weather was going to be on Sunday I texted Tom to see if he was up for some Sunday boating…his response…YES!!!!
So we all hit the store for some yummy snacks and in true Teresa form, I went a little overboard!  We had it all…bloody Mary's, cheese, crackers, hummus, veggies, finger sandwiches, shrimp cocktail, apples and caramel dip, salami, pepperoni, proscuitto….I think we were all set for a good day!
Imagine 5 kids plus Easton and 6 adults…BLESS TOM for putting up with us…he was a trooper and the kids were so well behaved!  It was A BLAST…only 1 person missing but we kept him updated by sending him a silly video and lots of pictures…Here are a few snaps

Ready for some fun…is Jade eating?

Ahoy Matey's...

Just a few of the ingredients...

Enjoying the sun...

Some of the spread


The kids hanging out down below...

A little Mommy time...

The Crew

Getting crazy haha

My Love

They are keeping me going

Could kiss him all day


Had to plan my outfit accordingly

A little entertainment

They need another baby :-)

First Mate

Putting Jackson to work pulling up the anchor

Captain Aiden

What a beautiful Sunday!

She's a pro!

A little breeze on our faces!

Being Silly...

The Group!

THANKS TOM for such a fun day on the boat…next time I promise I will bring ALL of my girlfriends for a fun day on The Farm!!!
A little "Sunday Underway" was just what the doctor ordered!

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