Monday, February 10, 2014

Just the 3 of us...

We aren't quite there yet but we are oh so close.  February is a short month which leads us into the Month where Daddy comes home to us.  I can not believe we have crossed 205 days off our calendar!  But we have and I am filled with more anticipation than I know what to do with!
Throughout the past 8 months I feel like I have spent a lot of time trying to document or capture moments for Leif…the downfall is that I am in very few of the pictures!  I am always the one taking the pictures of my kids being kids.  I wanted some pictures of me and the boys…my blessings, my best friends, my deep breaths everyday.  I wanted pictures to commemorate how much we have accomplished together, what we have overcome and as a testament to how important having each other to lean on has been!
Our amazing financial advisor just so happens to be a wonderful (and accomplished) photographer.  He offered to take some pre and post homecoming pictures of us…he put it best during our session when he said "you are literally immersed in your children"  Yes, Sir…I am!!!

When I look at a these pictures I see so many things…love, happiness, exhaustion…I see the past 8 months of strength…not just my strength but the strength that these 2 kiddos showed me.  There is no doubt that I am blessed…each night when I tuck them in bed I say out loud…"thank you God for these precious boys in my life"  They are my complete saving Grace…my EVERYTHING!!!

Thank you Marco for offering to capture these moments between a momma and her precious babies!  These mean more than you know…not just to me but to Leif as well!
If you need someone to help you plan for your future…help you prepare for your goals, your dreams or even for the unthinkable….Contact Marco Di Florio!!!  This man is the real deal…not a creepy sales guy…he is a very intelligent resource who has helped Leif and I make some very important decisions about our future and the future of our Children!!!

Marco Di Florio

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