Thursday, February 20, 2014

Kisses from Daddy

When Leif left I found it very hard to get Aiden to understand how long 9 months was...I honestly couldn't even fathom that kind of time without him but knew we had to find a way to "track" the time otherwise it was going to be a long 9 months of "is daddy coming he today?"
Another Navy mom gave me a wonderful suggestion that I think was age appropriating..."kisses from daddy". Everyday Aiden gets a kiss from Daddy...a sweet, yummy, and much anticipated kiss!  
When Daddy left Aiden and I sat down and counted out kisses...267 to be exact...we grouped in sets of 10 to make it easier for the both of us ;-). Once we had a kiss for everyday that Daddy was gone, it was time to redeem our first kiss...
Aiden gets to decide when he wants his kiss each day...sometimes with breakfast, sometimes I sneak it in his lunchbox, and I have come down the stairs several times after prayers at night because forgetting a Daddy kiss would be devastating!  These kisses represent time, routine, and in a small way they represent what we are missing from Daddy...those sweet kisses!
Soon...very soon...we will have the real deal!  We are running low on kisses...I can't wait for the days when there are only 2 kisses left...1 for Aiden and 1 for Daddy...that was Aiden's idea!!!
Almost out of kisses...