Friday, April 11, 2014

A proud Mommy morning...

I preface this by saying that no child is perfect, they all make mistakes, throw tantrums etc...but today I am going to brag on my child...

Things are back to normal here and by normal I mean the hubby is gone for a few weeks so it's just me and the boys!  Daddy was home long enough to "help" undo all of our routine and think up a new project which is now being completed while he is gone!  Lucky me!  We are extending our patio which has resulted in lots of dirt, mud, dust and a back yard that has been off limits.  No biggie right?  

Well with a Siberian husky, 2 kids, oh and I volunteered to watch my neighbors 3 dogs (Love you Jo Jo) our morning schedule is a little hectic!  
This morning I told Aiden that we had a lot to do and I really needed his help.  While making breakfast I hear the bedroom door close.  I knock and Aiden says "don't come in yet mommy". Awe how sweet, he is probably getting dressed!  After about 5 minutes I begin to worry.  A 4 year old, doors closed, silence, 5 minutes....this could be tragic!  I knock again and ask if I can come in..."sure, I am in the bathroom" he says...I ask if he needs my help........his response???   Wait for it.... You'll never believe it...."no, thank you mommy, I am just combing my hair"...I could have cried with pride...hold the Kleenex though...his PJs are folded and laying on the bed, he says "smell my breath". You guessed it, teeth brushed!  "And I used my scooby doo mouthwash" he says. I am in shock as I notice there is absolutely no mess from him brushing teeth, using mouthwash...alone.  I scoop him up for a giant hug and notice that he even used just a hint of Daddy's cologne!!!  Seriously?????  I was so full of pride I could barely vocalize my pride to him.  I made a HUGE deal of what he accomplished and his response..."I knew we were in a hurry Mommy and I just wanted to help!"
I am one of those parents that obsesses over all that I am doing wrong and could be doing better but today I feel like maybe, just maybe, I have done something right!!!
Then I put the boys in the car and as I circle around to close E's door I see this...
Compassion and love for another person that even a teachable quality???  I am blessed for sure!

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