Thursday, June 5, 2014

Mommy time...

I don't think I am unlike many other moms in the fact that I do not get much time to myself.  Who am I kidding?  I don't get any time to myself.  I am the last to eat, the last to bed, the first awake, and my 15 month old tried to help me pull up my underwear this morning so I am sure you can imagine what else I don't do alone.  I don't have a cleaning person or a regular babysitter to rely on.  My husband and I don't do weekly date nights, or monthly ones at that.  He has been home since March and we have been out ONCE alone.  (that needs to change)  I go to a gym that I don't have to hand my kids over to anyone and I often workout in my living room with the help of my 2 boys.
This lack of personal time is, in some ways, my own fault.  I am a go go go person.  I don't like to sit down, I don't take naps, I don't watch TV and I usually blog in the car while waiting in the carpool line.  I am not that mom who says "my house is messy but my kids are happy"  My house must be clean for me to function and guess what????  My kids are still happy…imagine that!

My children are without a doubt my main priority but I have been feeling very overwhelmed, down in the dumps and very very very tired!  I have multiple spa day gift cards that I have been given and never redeemed so I decided that before my skin disappeared from dehydration and my body revolted against me from stress that I would take a little time out for me.  I invited one of my good friends, Ann, to come along with me!  Ann's husband is currently deployed so we share a common bond and lots and lots of tips!  We headed out in time for happy hour and spent the evening being pampered!  It was absolutely wonderful...
And after our amazing spa treatments we just chilled in the "zen" room with a glass of wine :-)

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