Tuesday, June 28, 2011

I'm a runner...

OK, maybe the title of this post is a little overzealous.  What I should say is that I ran a 5k and I am pretty sure a runner that does not make.  I have always admired those people that can just lace up their shoes and take off for miles and miles.  Oddly enough I also admire their physique...you know, SKINNY hahaha!  I have never really had a relationship with running and by that I mean that I neither love it nor hate it.  I have also never had a runners body and by that I mean SKINNY!  But if the tunes are pumping I could run for a while.  However, if I am not feeling it, there are not enough beat pounding songs on iTunes to get this girl in gear.
Lately I have been feeling the need to challenge myself physically.  I really don't know why or exactly what I am trying to prove but I do know that I am trying to prove it to the most impossible person on earth, MYSELF!  I could really care less what the rest of the world thinks because quite honestly it doesn't even compare to the pressure and expectations I put on myself!  After tossing the idea around with some of my favorite ladies, my workout buddies, we decided to just pick a day and go for it!
My goal...30 minutes or less, no walking, and no internal dialogue that sometimes sounds like this, "you suck", "this sucks", "just quit", "I hate this", "I can't do it"....oh yeah and one minor detail that dates back about ten years!  The first, and only, time I ever ran a 5k was in college...it wasn't my idea but I didn't really have a choice.  I had never run more than a mile in my life and here I am running 3.1 miles....I didn't walk but in the last mile I feel someone just flying by me.  I look over and I was being passed by a man pushing a double stroller UPHILL...UGH, talk about defeat!  This was the basis for my final goal...I WILL NOT BE PASSED BY A STROLLER!
I am not usually one to get nervous but I must admit that I was a little nervous leading up to the race.  I use the term race lightly...my poor Mom thought I was about to sprint my way through an obstacle course with hurdles and pole vaults.
Mom:  "How far is a 5k?  1 mile?"
Me:  "No Mom, it's 3.1 miles"
Mom:  "Teresa, be careful!  Don't fall down and skin your knees"
Me: "Mom, what kind of run do you think I am doing...I am not jumping hurdles or anything...it is just a "fun run"
So...to refrain from making a long post longer I will sum it up!
From start to finish I felt great.  My internal dialogue went something like this "you can do this"  "you will finish"  "I think I can go faster"  "I refuse to let a stroller pass me"  "I can't believe I am almost there"

As I approached the finish line I noticed the time...26 minutes and 50 seconds....really?  I took off!  All of the sudden my goal of under 30 minutes went out the window and I was now determined to finish in under 27 minutes (funny how that happens)...my final time 26 minutes and 58 seconds.

Overall I was pleased!  I did something I set out to do and I actually had fun doing it!  I ran with a group of amazing ladies who are so incredibly supportive and my 2 favorite men were there cheering me on at every turn and most importantly as I approached the finish line!
Since I am bragging about my men cheering me on I figure I better share the evidence...listen closely and you can hear my hubby saying "pump it out" and my baby boy cheering "Mama"...makes me feel good!!!

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  1. It was a fantastic evening! I'm ready for a few more to try, and to see if I can crack 30 :)
    Great job you did as well as the group, and yes your family was the extra touch in support for us all!!! :)