Wednesday, September 5, 2012

3 Years of Aiden

On Saturday my sweet baby boy turned 3 years old!  Oh how the time flies!  Here is what 3 looks like for my baby boy!

Size clothing 2 T
Shoe size: 8 (should be 7.5 but they don't make 1/2 sizes for toddlers)
Favorite Movie: Toy Story 3
Favorite Food: Strawberries, grapes and salads (just like your momma)
Some notable quotes:
"I love you so much in the whole wide world"
"Mommy, I growed up last night in my bed"
"Thank you for making me healthy food so I don't get sick"
Nicknames: Mr. A

To my Sweet Aiden,
Nothing could have prepared me for life as your Mommy.  I am not sure what I did to deserve the gift of you, but I know without any hesitation that I was blessed beyond measure!  You are, without a doubt, the sweetest, most compassionate, loving little boy!  People always tell me how special you are, and although I already know it, it is nice to know that they see it too!
Over the past 3 years, you have been such a trooper.  Your adaptable personality amazes your daddy and I everyday.  Most 3 year olds see the same friends and family everyday.  You, my love, have moved 4 times in 3 years.  We've lived in Virginia Beach, Maryland, Rhode Island, and now Chesapeake.  You didn't miss a beat when we moved into a hotel room for 10 weeks, put you into school for the first time, and started potty training you all at the same time!  We moved from MD to Rhode Island 2 weeks before Christmas and by Christmas morning it was like you had lived there forever!  In 3 years you have been to MD, VA, RI, SC, NJ, NY, FL, NC, MA, and Mexico.  You have been on more plane rides than some adults, taken more long distance car rides than I want to admit,  stayed in too many hotels to count and thrived in each and every situation.  We have had the best time just being lucky enough to watch you grow and learn!  So many people warned me about the terrible two's...I can't think of one terrible thing about 2 year old you.  Trust me, you had a few meltdowns, tested my patience, and thought you were the boss a few times.  But guess who won :-)  I honestly can't even think of 2 whole days in a row where I thought you were in a mood or possibly approaching terrible!  Thank you for that!!!
I am looking forward to the 3 year old you!  I really can't even imagine what is in store for us...but whatever it is, I have no doubt that you will handle it in the same fashion you have every other situation.  With lots of questions and lots of fun!
Although it may sound silly to you...and probably to most...but THANK YOU for making me a Mommy!  You are my first...and no one can ever take that away from you!  You blessed me with the title of Mommy and it is a responsibility that I take very seriously!  It is BY FAR the greatest role that I have ever or will ever have...there is no job, pay check, title, or career goal that could give me the satisfaction of knowing that I created such a precious boy!  Trust me, I have reached for the stars but my love for you has sent me to the moon and back! I have accomplished a lot but nothing compares to the sense of pride and accomplishment that I feel as your Mommy!  "I love you so much in the whole wide world"  Thank you for just being you...sweet, loving, adorable, compassionate,empathetic, respectful and delightful YOU!!!!
Love Always

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