Wednesday, September 19, 2012

God is great...

The age of 3 must be the age of "I want to do it by myself".  I know allowing him to be independent is not only great development for his little mind but I am sure it does wonders for his confidence as well.  Lately Aiden has been want to do so much "by myself".  This phase is also a huge lesson in patience for me.  It probably takes 50 times longer for him to do things with out my help but I am learning that sometimes my desire for punctuality is completely trumped by my sons self pride when he does something independently.  Before dinner this evening I asked Aiden if he wanted to say the blessing and without hesitation he said the whole darn thing PERFECTLY!!!!  Not only was he proud of himself but I was so shocked, happy, and proud of him that I immediately teared up and called about 5 people to share the news!  I asked him to repeat it so I could show daddy...he had a few hiccups the second time around but still something to be proud of!!!

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