Thursday, February 28, 2013

A Crazy Due Date

I had high expectations for today, my due date!  In the short time that Aiden was supposed to be in school, I was going to make a small grocery trip, walk buddy to the dog park, brush him, vacuum my downstairs, and meet a contractor for some minors "fixes" on the house.  Instead I spent the morning cleaning up vomit, cradling my sick boy, washing towels and bathrobes, mopping the floor where Aiden got sick and waiting on him hand and foot!  It made me think about a comment my mom made to me the other day.  She said "I really don't know how you do it all by yourself"...the truth is, I don't!  I am sitting here trying to figure out how I can still make my 40 week doctors appointment with the head doctor (that I made 3 weeks ago) and make sure that Aiden is properly cared for because Daddy has a meeting that, unfortunately, he is the only one that can attend!  Who do you ask to watch your sick 3 year old?  It's times like these that I wish I could just call a family member to help me out!  I really don't think I need a "bad" day to remind me to value my family...even when we don't see eye to eye...but moments like this remind me that regardless of how "together" I may have it, I will always need my family for whatever support they can provide!  I really hope that I never take for granted the things they do for me...regardless of how small they may be, or even whether they do it my way or not!  I have several sets of parents who, in their own way, would give us the world and I am really needing that today!  

So Mom, thanks for thinking that I can do it all because we both know that I try, but the truth is, I will always need your help and support!  The same goes for the rest of the parents :-) who all check on us frequently and are just waiting for me to say it's ok to head to VA!

As for week 40, despite todays dilemma's, I have to admit that for the first time ever (even at 42 weeks with Aiden) I am feeling a bit uncomfortable!  I am sleeping fine, have no swelling, and am moving around fine, but I just feel different!  I feel like I have a baby trying to escape and it hurts :-)  I continue to spend my days busy busy but by the time Aiden is in bed, I am too!   I know a lot of people are very anxious to meet him, as am I, but I hope to allow him to arrive on his terms, whatever that may mean!  My doctors have encouraged me to hold out for a VBAC, they think it is best for the baby :-) and I agree!  But I know that what is meant to be will be and his safe and healthy arrival is my #1 priority!
So the wait continues...and today, with or without my sick one in tow, my doctor and I will discuss our plan (again) and re-evaluate if needed!
For now I will continue to nurture this sweet little face in my belly...

And this sweet boy in my arms...

As for my furry fellow...well, he is still wondering what the heck happened to all of his attention and I am still trying to nurture him as well, but I just can't do it all ;-)
And just because I LOVE HIM...

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