Thursday, February 28, 2013

Capturing the bump

Before I pop and it is no longer relevant, I thought I would share a few images from our maternity session!

I know there are many people who think maternity sessions are pointless or who really don't want their picture taken AT ALL during pregnancy but I am not one of those!  I believe that this is a very special time and have no issue with my bump at all!  This basketball belly is only temporary!  Please tell me I am not the only one who starts dreaming of post preggo work outs before I have even gained the first pound????  Regardless, I was lucky enough to have, not one, but two wonderful maternity sessions!  The first, was a family session by someone local who came highly recommended...and of course, she did not disappoint!  On the morning of our session (beach session) it was cold and Aiden was NOT feeling it.  He didn't want to get dressed, he didn't want to wear a sweater, he flat out told us that he WAS NOT going to smile for the camera!  I contemplated canceling but decided to just go for it!!!!  Thankfully, Aiden was on point and the photographer ( knew how to work some sort of magic to bring him out of his shell!  In my opinion, solely as a mom, the key to a great photographer is being able to capture more than just a cheesy smile but documenting the personalities and relationship between the family!  Spot on Val!!! Here are a few of my favorites...

As for my second session, my wonderful friend Jessica, took some beautiful intimate maternity pictures of just me :-)  She came out to the house while Aiden was in school and made me feel beautiful in the privacy of my own home while focusing on the bump!  Again, this isn't some peoples "cup of tea" as one person said..."that took some balls" but again, I felt very comfortable and to be honest was usually wearing more than I would on the beach!  Although they were all incredibly tasteful, I will only share a few of the more "discreet" belly shots!

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