Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The 3 B's

It always amazes me to watch the world through the eyes of my boy...or really any child for that matter!  I find it refreshing to see just how easily they are entertained and mesmerized!  Out of all of the toys that are on the market these days there are 3 items that, I believe, are hands down the most entertaining and fulfilling to my little boy.  I call these the 3 B's!

Aiden loves to play with bouncy balls, plastic balls, nerf balls, lacross balls, footballs, baseballs and really any other kind of ball available!  I wasn't sure where this love came from but had a sneaking suspicion that maybe Daddy had a hand in this obsession.  Just when I thought that my hubby had some sort of magical power over Aiden that made him like to play ball I noticed the excitement and all out craziness that occurred when Aiden's teacher at the little gym released a trash can full of balls onto the gym floor.  Sheer pandamonium!  These little kids who are between the ages of 10-19 months go bananas when the balls come out!  You have NEVER seen a group of kids...who can barely walk...RUN towards the bouncing balls!  It is the cutest sight!


I, being an anal first time mom, was very hesitant about allowing Aiden to play with balloons!  I had visions of him sinking his teeth into big full balloon only to have it pop right in his face thus causing him to fear balloons for the rest of his life.  Yes I know I am crazy but I lost the balloon battle very quickly the first time my boy laid eyes on a balloon and wanted to hold it!  Now, Aiden can spot a balloon miles away!  He points out every balloon within his eye sight and says "boon, boon"!  For Halloween I bought him a Sesame Street balloon and he carried that thing around every day for a month...just last week I threw that thing away!  Luckily, Aiden is a cutie, therefore most strangers will go out of their way to make my boy happy which means we have been given our fair share of balloons!  We even bought a bag of balloons that we carry around with us for those desperate times!  Yes....we are wrapped!

We STILL have the paw print balloon...2 months later Aiden still carries it around!


Who doesn't love bubbles!  I don't care who you are, bubbles are just fun!  I mean let's be realistic...people rent bubble machines for their wedding for goodness sake!  Not really my style but hey whatever floats your boat (or bubble).  I swear that as soon as the kids at gym class see the bubble wand they automatically turn into raging lunatics!  When the room fills with bubbles the kids eyes light up like it's Christmas!  They are just in awe!  The kids point at, pinch, pop and try to pick up the bubbles!  I can't help but smile as soon as the bubbles come out...I am envious of how much joy a little bottle of bubbles can bring to a child!  Next time I am having a bad day I might just go outside and blow some bubbles...but only if I am guaranteed to look this cute...

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  1. Tt must be all boys because this post could have been written about Dominic! haha.