Monday, December 20, 2010

One of "those" days...

I had a rough day today...usually I am a very very happy person and there really isn't much that can get me down but for some reason I was in a funk this morning!  I was having one of "those" days when something is off.  Nothing in particular happened but I just felt kind of sad, a little down on myself, I am sure we have all been there!  Whenever I start to have a pity party I start thinking about what I am doing wrong and everything that is wrong with me!  I was questioning my mothering, how good of a wife I was, my personality, my looks...everything!  I really think I was just lonely!  As I anticipate seeing all of my amazing friends in MD over the holidays, I think I am also anticipating how hard it is going to be to leave them!  I miss having a bunch of really good friends friends...ya know the people that really know you and they don't judge you!  Sometimes I daydream about what it would be like to raise Aiden with all of my friend's kids...that would mean Aiden would have lots of playmates and play dates and I would have Mommy friends!!!  I love my few friends here but none of them really have kids and although they welcome Aiden with open arms they really don't want to engage in Mommy talk!  Pardon me while I just vent hahah!  I know this is the life of a Navy Wife/military family but that doesn't mean I have to like it every day of the year!  So today December 20, 2010, the Navy life and I had a are sleeping on the couch tonight Navy life haha!

So enough with the "poor me" song...the best part of my day was having lunch with my hubby and my son!  I told Leif how I was feeling and he proceeded to tell me everything that I was doing right!  He told me what a great mom and wife I am and reminded me that I am making the greatest sacrifices for our boy!  It made me feel better...sometimes when you are down on your self just need a reminder from someone who thinks you are priceless!  SOOOO...Thank you to my amazing hubby for picking me up when I was having a down day!  You know just how to make me laugh and feel good about who I listened while I had a pity party and then you lifted me up with just the right amount of humor so things didn't get too serious!  I love you!!!

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