Sunday, January 16, 2011

The joy of giving...

This Christmas Leif and I were able to give a truly amazing gift to our beautiful nieces Kassidy and Kasey.  Kassidy is 8 and Kasey is 5...this past year has been extremely difficult on these 2 little girls.  My sister is going through a very difficult divorce and unfortunately it is affecting the girls tremendously!  My parents seperated when I was 11 and I still remember how hard that was on me.  Kasey is so young and I really don't think she "gets" what is going on but when I look into Kassidy's eyes I see so much of myself!  When my parents separated I took on all of the problems that my mom was facing and I tried so hard to be a "little adult".  I knew way too much about way too much!  I was the person my mom talked to about everything and if she wasn't talking to me she was talking around me and I was listening!  I can see that same weight, pressure and fear in Kassidy's eyes!  She hangs onto every word and I believe she is having a harder time than anyone can tell.  If I could swoop these girls up and shelter them from everything, I would!  If I could protect them from all of the drama, the fights, the change, and the anger...I WOULD!  I have tried to do my part and I have lost a lot of sleep wondering what I could hubby always tells me that I can't "fix" everything...maybe not...but I can sure try!  I wanted the girls to remember this year for something other than all of this change and craziness!  I have always wanted to be able to give a really amazing gift to someone really deserving...if I had all of the money in the world I would love to just give deserving people amazing things!  I had an idea of what I wanted to do but thought there was no way Leif would agree....but HE DID!!!  And so my dream is that for these two little girls, this Christmas will be the one where they received the ultimate gift.  What would that gift be?  Well first let's set the scene....

Opening the "small" gift!
A Poem...

Kassidy and Kasey,

Do you believe in magic?
And fairytales too?
Do you believe in Neverland?
A place where dreams come true!

If you close your eyes
And make a wish
Where would you want to be?

In a castle? 
On a ride?
With your family?

This box is full of memories,
In March they will arrive.
Go ahead, unwrap it
And your dreams will come alive!
What's in the box???


I really can't put into words how AMAZING it feels to be able to give such a gift.  I get really choked up every time I think about how lucky Leif and I are to be in a position to spread a little happiness!  In March we will be taking Aiden, my mom, my sister and Kassidy and Kasey to Disney World...our treat!  I know the girls are really excited...they ask my sister everyday if we are leaving for Disney yet...I think it might drive her crazy but I LOVE IT!!!  Over the next few months as we anticipate our trip, my hope is that the biggest worry in these little girls heads is where do we go first...Epcot, Magic Kingdom, Hollywood Studios or Animal Kingdom???  Can we fit in SeaWorld?  When does the pool open and what bathing suit should I wear?  Is it bedtime already? and Can we do it again tomorrow?  Ya know...all of the things that little girls SHOULD be worrying about!!!


  1. That is so sweet girl! Disney World is the greatest place in the world! Yall will have such a great time!

  2. That is awesome, I know it will make such a difference to everyone involved!! What a wonderful lifetime memory!