Tuesday, August 2, 2011

23 Months...why did you arrive so fast?

I would put a million dollars on the fact that Aiden's second year of life has flown by much faster than the first!

It is almost heartbreaking to think that my BABY is a little boy!  In 1 short month he will be TWO!!!  I will probably be the millionth mom to say it, but every stage gets better and better.  Although I haven't done monthly updates consistently on my blog, I have to say that I have a mean baby book!  That puppy is thicker than any of my husbands fancy nuclear engineering books!
So here is a little bloggy update on what 23 months looks like for my pride and joy!

He is a "hearty" 22 lbs 9 oz (poor boy isn't even on the growth chart)
31.5 inches long

You are still our little Monkey...climbing and flipping all of the time!

Your vocabulary is crazy....you know exactly what you want and if you can't say the exact word you give it your best shot..you always want Momma and Daddy to "sit" "walk" "play" and of course the famous words of "No" and "Stop"...sometimes I have to tickle you just because I love the way you say "Stop"

You love "Choo Choo's"
And "Keys"...you are beyond obsessed with keys...you can spot a key a mile away....you love to attempt to unlock doors and have even fallen asleep with your keys in your hands!

You are a fantastic eater...I couldn't ask for a child to have better eating habits!  You love blueberries, strawberries, peaches, and even spinach!
You are a fantastic traveler...we have been to Maryland and back twice (500 miles each way) in a months time....and you were an angel in the car!!!

You are so incredibly sweet...you actually ask for kisses!!!

Your absolute favorite person...besides Momma and Daddy is POPS!!!  You are always asking for POPS...he is your best bud and I am pretty sure that you run him ragged when you two have "playdates"

You don't like the word "NO"...whenever we tell you "NO" you will say "Elmo" "Abby" Superwhy"...I have no idea why????

And you, my love, are Mr. Independent!!!

I know the age of 2 will be fantastic...there is so much to look forward to but I can't help but feel a little sad and even scared...I hope that my boy is never too big to love his Momma and give me lots of snuggles!

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