Tuesday, August 9, 2011

This and That....

I really feel like this summer is just flying by...it is probably because we are approaching some big changes here in Gunder-land!  Over the past few weeks we have been extremely busy!

One of my Hubby's best friends got married.  So we packed up the family and headed north!
I tried to pack "light"
After making at least 10 trips to Maryland from SC with a baby, I think we have our system pretty down pat!

Once in MD we wanted to devote almost all of our time to Phil and Jillian's Wedding...

The new Mr. and Mrs.

I had the hottest date...

In Laws...BIL, SIL, FIL, MIL, Me and Hubs

Hot Mommas...my Mom, Me, My SIL, and My MIL

Although I swore that I wouldn't try to be superwoman and visit every friend imaginable in a short period of time...I absolutely HAD to go visit my best friends little miracle Wyatt!
3 whole pounds

Precious Dreams

Wyatt giving his Momma and I the grump face...we were too loud!

Look at those itty bitty feet
At this point Wyatt was 10 days old and a whopping 3 pounds...but he is BEYOND perfection!  He looks like a little man in a teeny tiny body!  Wyatt is doing so well and his continuous progress has been such a blessing for his parents (and all of us).  I felt so honored to be able to visit him and I, of course, LOVED having girl time with my bestie, Courtney!  Court was not up for pictures...I managed to take 1 but promised it was just for memory and not for facebook or bloggy world!  I will tell you this though...she looked as beautiful as ever and was such a pro when it came to handling her lil preemie!!!  Have I mentioned how much I love that girl!
There are a ton of things that I really want to blog about but right now I am enjoying the company of my big brother, who is visiting us this week!!!  One day I will make more time for my blog...if the fun ever stops!!!

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