Thursday, August 11, 2011

Having a soapbox mommy moment...

Prior to being a Mommy, I was a very eager and passionate business women who absolutely loved the thrill of closing "big deals", I enjoyed working and I was pretty good at what I did!  I was actually kind of a workaholic.  However, after this followed by being put on bed rest before I even announced that I was pregnant, my hubby and I had to make some serious decisions!  Would I go back to office life after having our baby or would I become employed by the most demanding boss ever, my baby!  For many reasons we decided that the right thing for our family was for me to take some time away from my stressful job.  Although it is a thankless job, one with out pay or recognition, I know that it is the best job in the world!  The only problem with this job, in my opinion, is the way others treat you because you don't leave your house every morning and go into an office.  I often get the "oh, you don't work" comment or the "I could never do that because I would get bored" HAHAHAH BORED...what is that?
Yesterday, I was telling my hubby about our morning.
Me: yeah, Aiden sat in an empty bath tub with his clothes on and turned the water on and off for about an hour.
Hubby:  You let him run the water for an hour?
Hubby: Why?
Me:  Well, in that 45 minutes to an hour I managed to use the restroom alone with out my 23 month old offering me an extreme amount of toilet paper, shower, shave my legs, actually dry off and get dressed, brush my own teeth, dry my hair, put on make up without any "help", clean up the bathroom and the bedroom, sort laundry and fold the load of clothes in the dryer. I made the absolute most of those 45 minutes...don't you think?
Hubby: Yep

I know his first thought was $$$$ water running for an hour!  But for me that time, where my son was in sheer water Heaven, meant 45 minutes of GO GO GO...a preoccupied child is incredibly priceless and so are the few moments of solitude while on the potty!  Most of the time I am rush rush rush...I am not in any way, shape, or form complaining.  I am just marveling in the innocence and naivety of those who get to actually eat at least 1 meal a day with out little fingers in the food, use the restroom at least once a day ALONE, have moments to themselves for thought, reflection or even just a jam session in their car!  I am completely aware that I made the choice to be at home and that I am so incredibly lucky to be in the position that I am.  However that doesn't mean that I am any less intelligent, career oriented, hard working or even that I don't have a bad day at the office.  My job isn't easy, the pay sucks, my "boss" is demanding and  there is no respect for a women who puts her career on hold for the baby she so desperately wanted.  But there are so many things about my job that I wouldn't trade for even the biggest deal out there!  I have seen EVERY first and almost every waking moment of my son's life.  I kiss his boo boo's and comfort him when he's hurt.  I would be lying if I said that I didn't miss the thrill of a signed contract because occasionally, I do...but what I would miss even more are these incredible moments...

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