Tuesday, October 18, 2011

All dressed up...

It's not very often that the hubs and I get all dressed up so when we do I kind of become a freak about getting some good pictures. The only problem is that I am the photographer in the family so that means I am usually behind the camera...the hubs is pretty good at taking pictures as well but when we are both in the picture...well let's just say our options for photographers are limited and scary...in our attempt to get a nice picture here is what happened...


Would have been a cute picture if the hubs and I (the actual intended focal point) weren't blurry...I think I deleted about 10 blurry pictures haha...but we did end up with a few options!

AND...while my sister was all dressed up and we were in a beautiful location I took the liberty of FORCING her to take some maternity pictures. If you know my sister, you know that she is not a fan of having her picture taken so these pictures are truly priceless...these images are completely unedited! I am hoping that she will let me take some more pictures as she gets a little further along???

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