Monday, October 24, 2011

Hello Fall...

Dear Fall, have kept us very busy!  Between our several visits to the pumpkin patch, a visit to an awesome fall festival, trick or treating and the cooler temperatures, I was pretty convinced that it was almost time for Turkey...I may have already said this once or twice but if I haven't I will say it again...the biggest perk of living in our "hometown" for such a short period of time is the opportunity to spend so much time with our family and friends!  We are cramming in everything possible...prepare to be tired and overwhelmed with pictures!
Bowles Farm...October 8, 2011

The Group at the pumpkin patch...hubby, Aiden, the nieces and nephew (my sisters kids)!

The "choo choo" was a hit

I am pretty sure this is against the rules!

Aiden loves him some Kassidy!

Rule #1...if you can't carry it, you can't have it!

Re-read rule #1

Finding the perfect pumpkin is hard work!!!
Guess who carried all of the pumpkins to the car....this much for rules!

Cox Farm...October 10, 2011

The next generation of Gunderson's


This boy has the moves!

This wagon didn't last long...too much temptation!

This was pre-goat attack!

"I don't think we are in Kansas anymore"

"We run this place"


The Gunderson Boys!

Anne Marie Gardens Solomans Island...October 22, 2011
Trick or Treat in the Garden

Elvis has arrived...

The Mommy's :-)

Best pals!

Candy Overload!

Soon to be a family of 4!

We managed to capture "Elvis" for a quick picture!

I could just eat him up...and not the lollipop!!


We tried...

This week is busy for us...a fall party at school, visiting the pumpkin patch at Aiden's school, taking one of my besties maternity portraits on Friday, trick or treating with my family at the campground, and of course HALLOWEEN!!!

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