Friday, January 6, 2012

Another first...

The video above is an example of just one of the great moments of being a mom!  Although I am not a fan of cold weather and the Northern "hospitality" (or lack thereof)...I must say that the experiences Aiden will encounter will be worth our 6 month stay here in frigid RI.  So although I miss Charleston, I am thankful for this chilly night and for the fun of taking my little man ice skating!

For my own documentation here is how the night went down...
Aiden saw the rink and said "what's that?"
I said "It's an ice skating rink"
Aiden: "I want to go dere (there)"
Me: "OK but if we go over there you have to put on ice skates"
Aiden: "OK"
We paid for just Mommy and Aiden to skate...but the nice man at the skate rental INSISTED that Daddy skate for FREE!!!  Guess you have to chance breaking your ankle and getting rolled back a class Daddy (that is Navy talk for those of you confused)
We were all laced up and we hit the ice...Aiden LOVED the video you can see him let go of me and try to go on his own...after a few minutes they cleared the rink for the big truck to come on and smooth out the ice...and that was the end of Aiden's desire to skate!  His new desire?  Finding that ice truck after it left the rink!!!  OH to be 2 again!!!  We never found that sneaky little truck and for the next 20 minutes we carried Aiden around the rink!

Tonight, I am grateful for this first in his little boy has adapted to each and every change and new experience I have thrown at him...I KNOW that I am so blessed...he is my world and tonight my world was amazed by a pair of ice skates and an ice rink smoothing truck ( I am sure there is a more technical name for it) and I was amazed by the youthful innocence and pure excitement radiated from my 2 year old!

PS.. sorry for the blurry video...Hubby was skating backwards and trying to video, therefore he neglected to focus!  ( I think he should stick to Nuclear Engineering)

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