Friday, January 13, 2012


Tonight we are in Boston, MA and we are celebrating.  The Gunderson's have SO much to celebrate tonight!  Our prayers have been answered and we can all breathe a little easier tonight!  Leif and I are not the type of people to put our every waking moment, hardship, drama or worry out into the world.  We aren't perfect but at the end of the day we are beyond blessed and we know it.  We have had something weighing on our minds and in our hearts and thankfully, tonight, we are resting a little easier!  I wrote a blog ( that I never published) about the journey we were on and I will publish it tonight.
Very few people knew what was going on, and I apologize to all of my wonderful friends, but we made a decision early on to keep all of the details private until we had answers.  So private that my own mother, who I tell everything to, was just recently informed.  To read about how it all went down you can go here!
So....Tonight we are celebrating extremely positive test results.  No CANCER...our #1 fear and thankfully we are in the clear.  The tumor (in my head) is benign...the results were not perfect but they were positive.  We still have a journey ahead of us and there are still unanswered questions but the news is GREAT!  They incidentally found a cyst in my brain (which is benign also), I will see a neurologist, a surgeon and I will have the tumor removed and maybe even the cyst...but we are so, so, so happy with the news!  I left the doctor and felt like I was lighter...I felt like I was "me" again.  I was so happy, excited, and relieved that I cried.
We had decided to go to Boston for the long weekend...Good or Bad...we were going to enjoy our long weekend exploring "the North"...when we got into the hotel room tonight my husband looked at me and said "We are going to celebrate all weekend long" and celebrate we will!  Tomorrow we will visit the aquarium and maybe the Children's museum...we will see how much Aiden can little guy "celebrated" until 10:45pm tonight...and for once, adhering to Aiden's bedtime meant absolutely nothing to me...


  1. Teresa,
    I can't even begin to imagine all the different emotions and thoughts running through you personally during the unknown.
    It is a blessing for results of benign.

    I do know how it is to be the loved one of someone going through what you did and will be for removal. My Mom had a tumor on her heart, and it too was benign. She had a successful surgery to remove it, and it was a long healing process for her and our family.

    Your a very strong woman, and you have a great support system. Always choose to lean on others early, even when you don't want to be a burden or have others concerned, many care about you - what everyone has to offer in the process of you sharing is prayer, open ears, and even tears through good and bad, ups and downs.

    It was good for you to share your blog, it may help someone else along the way.

    Celebrate well in Boston, look forward to the pictures :)

  2. Teresa, that is so scary, but I am so glad that things are moving in a positive direction. My best friend actually had something very similar. She ended up having an extremely high dose of radiation to stop the growth of the tumor and now just has checkups regularly to make sure it isn't growing. She found out about hers because it was pushing on her nerves and causing her to choke on her food. I just wanted to share a positive story about someone in a similar situation!!
    ~Lauren Klemme