Wednesday, May 29, 2013

It takes a village...

Today, and many days, I find myself thinking of some of the small things that I am so incredibly thankful for.   Today, as I spent several hours shopping for all of Leif's deployment supplies, I thought of an expression that I have heard many times..."It takes a village"....for some reason, this expression really hit home!

I thought about the fact that I am only 1 person, sometimes stretching myself to the limits of several!

I thought about everything I accomplished today in a few hours alone while my in-laws played with my babies!

I thought about the girls in my life who constantly tell me that I am strong, superwoman, inspiring, and independent.  Those words often drive me to continue on...especially on the really hard days when I am tired and at the end of my patience.

I thought about the offers to help from so many people around me...the people who are willing to have me over, run to the store, play with my kids or even mow my grass.  The people who would give up a little family time, so that I am not alone.

I thought about the people who realize that every so often I need me time...not time to go party, drink or be selfish...but time to sit and stare at the wall, mop my floors, fold my laundry or shower in peace!

I thought about how sometimes. regardless of how stubborn I may be, I need help!  Standing in the attic today going through old baby clothes, I was reminded that without that person at the bottom of the ladder, I would not be able to get the boxes out of the attic...I simply needed help!

I thought about my family, although small, they will NOT let me fail.

I thought about all of the holidays that Leif is going to miss...and how I just "want to stay busy" and how hard that is going to be when everyone else is consumed with the hustle and bustle of halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years and I am just counting down the seconds until Daddy comes home.

I thought about the people who watch out for Aiden while I tend to Easton and those who listen for Easton while I tend to Aiden.

I thought about my in-laws offer to watch the boys while Leif and I have a dinner alone...they will be missing their son for almost a year but they respect the significance of the boys missing daddy and the depth of my being with out my partner for so long.

In all of this thought, I realized that throughout this "season" of our life we are truly experiencing how it "takes a village" to raise a family.  Even when I feel alone...I am not!  There are so many people on my side...looking out for me, looking out for my boys, and making sure that we succeed!

So, as I was immersed in 10 months worth of coffee, deodorant, tooth paste, shaving cream, razors, soap and shampoo...I KNOW that despite the fear, sadness, apprehension and stress that we are about to embark on..AGAIN, I am not alone!  I know, even in the bad times, that I have my village behind me and for that I am thankful!


  1. You are so right on all of this. You are my village and I don't think I could make it without you. I love you to the depths of my soul,

  2. You are so right on all of this. You are my village and I don't think I could make it without you. I love you to the depths of my soul,