Tuesday, May 27, 2014

A beach day...

Aiden's school year has ended for regular pre-k but he is doing several enrichment camps since the public schools are still in session.  This week he is in a science camp focused around marine biology.  We figured since daddy had the day off and the weather was nice we would head to the beach after Aiden got out of school...it was nice to hang out on an empty beach, just the four of us.  The boys were in Heaven...both of my boys are beach babies.
Easton was fearless :-) he was on a mission the entire time...I'm not sure what that mission was, but it was so cute to watch him walk around, pick up rocks, sand, shells...really anything he could get his hands on.  He was soaking up the new scenery!

Aiden had a blast running around and jumping over the waves.  I remember being a kid and pretending the waves were chasing me :-). It warms my heart to see that certain things about childhood never change.
Daddy built one heck of a sand village...
I honestly didn't want the beach excursion to end...
While I was walking around with E some girls who I would say were in their early 20's paid me the ultimate compliment on a day that I definitely needed it.  They said that they hope they look like me after 2 kids...really???  Little do they know that I spent the morning trying to find a bathing suit top that fit my huge "girls" with no success... I was majorly down in the dumps :-/ ...so although I am a work in progress (especially since Leif has been home), I will take the compliment today because I work very hard to be healthy...first piece of advice put down the beer and cigarettes ladies ;-)
Anyone want a fitness post???

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