Thursday, April 5, 2012

Bunny Bait

After posting a picture of some Easter treats that I made for Aiden's class, several people suggested I blog about it!  So here it is...the details of "Bunny Bait"!  First let me say that I did not design or even think of this idea on my own.  Like many, I found this cute idea on Pinterest and just had to try it!  I will tell you how I did it and then I will tell you what I would do differently!!

2 cups rice chex
2 cups pretzel sticks
1 bag of tender white popcorn
1 bag of white melting chocolate
Easter M&M's
Spring Sprinkles (think cupcake sprinkles but in spring pastels)

Spread Chex cereal, pretzels, and popcorn on cookie sheet (I used wax paper on my cookie sheet)
Melt white chocolate according to directions
Pour over first 3 ingredients and stir to coat
Sprinkle on spring sprinkles (do not stir after this or else you will coat colored sprinkles in white chocolate)
Add M&M's
Let sit until chocolate is completely cool (to speed up the process put it in the refrigerator for 20 minutes or so)
Break apart and put into bags with pre-printed label...again, I did not design this label...I simply found the template, printed it to card stock, cut it out to fit the candy bags I bought at Michael's!  Easy Easy...

Here is what I would do differently...
Less popcorn...the amount of popcorn was overwhelming and it sucked up all of the chocolate.  I only used 3/4 a time I will use 1/2 a bag
More Chex cereal...I think Chex with a chocolate coating on it is way more appealing than popcorn...the chex got lost in the popcorn so next time 3 cups of Chex.
My pretzel sticks seemed really long so next time I will break them up
More Chocolate...I used 1 bag...could have used more!
More Sprinkles and M&M's...I found myself adding sprinkles and M&M's to each bag for color...
One last tip...spread the mixture as thin as possible on the cookie was hard with all of that popcorn but it makes it easier to coat everything in chocolate and spread the sprinkles and M&M's more evenly for better color appearance!!!
Aiden Approved!!!

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