Sunday, April 1, 2012

Gearing up for Easter...

The other day Aiden was in one of his chatty moods!  If I have failed to mention it, the boy loves airplanes.  He always talks about going on an airplane and taking trips on an airplane (or helicopter haha).   Sometimes we have the funniest is our conversation from Friday.
"Mommy, we are going on an airplane tomorrow"
Me: We are?
A:  "Yeah, we are going to Charleston to see Nana and Pops."
Me: Awww sweetie, I wish we were but guess where we are going tomorrow?  We are going to an Easter fair to see the Easter bunny.
A:  "Oh, I love the Easter bunny, he's my favorite.
Me:  He is?  Aiden, do you know what Easter is?
A:  "Yeah, it's the Easter bunny's birthday!"

I had about 2.5 seconds to make a parenting decision.  Do I correct him, even though I think for a 2.5 year old his response was a.) adorable and b.) pretty ingenious (Christmas is Jesus' birthday so Easter has to be someones birthday) or do I quickly figure out how to explain the true meaning to him???  I tried to do a little of both...encourage his imagination and creativity with a laugh and a hug and then I tried my very best to explain to him the Resurrection of Jesus Christ...I'll be honest, he didn't get it!  But I did my best...So Moms out there, how do you explain the true meaning of Easter to your LITTLE ONE with out stifling his imagination and still preserving a tiny bit of magic and excitement that only a fluffy bunny can bring???

He gave the bunny a high-5 but wouldn't get near him with out Mommy...better than his response to Santa!

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