Monday, April 2, 2012

My baby can read...

OK not really...Aiden received the cutest book as a gift for his success in potty training.  It's not your average "go pee pee in the potty book"...It's a book about "what to know when you gotta go"!  We read this book a million several times a day.  Aiden now likes to read it to is a little clip of my baby "reading"!  (Sorry for the bad quality..I am new to the iphone) 
In case you can't hear or understand him, here is a little transcript of "what to know when you gotta go"...

"Plan Ahead!  Don't wait too long!  Go Potty Before you sleep!  Excuse yourself!  Knock first!  Be sure to lift up the seat!  Close the door!  Don't lollygag!  Never forget to wipe!  Wash your hands!  Flush and zip!  Always turn out the light!"

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