Tuesday, October 16, 2012

20 week "bumpdate"

(Warning: This is long but needed for my own records)

So I have officially reached the halfway point...well I am 2 days shy of 21 weeks but you get the point!  I haven't really kept much of a journal about this pregnancy due to our move and my sickness so I will try to add some updates on here when I can.
Here is a short catch up...

We found out we were pregnant on Saturday June 23, 2012...just about 4 weeks pregnant.
On Monday June 25th I started the zofran hoping to be ahead of the curve on the hyperemesis :-)  I tried but unfortunately was defeated very quickly.
We told a few immediate family members right at about 8 weeks...we needed someone to know in case I went on bed rest early but luckily I have escaped "official bed rest)...Do you know how hard it is to know you are pregnant and not be able to tell those you are closest too!  I know that technically we could tell people but based on prior experience we knew it was best to keep it hush hush!
We saw our baby's heartbeat at 11 weeks in an ultrasound and that little bean was so dang active I truly couldn't believe my eyes!  At this point the hyperemesis was in full effect and the doctor suggested we go ahead with the PICC line...being hard headed I thought/hoped I could tough it out and maybe this time it would go away...WRONG!!!
At 14 weeks the PICC line went it...we also had another ultrasound around 13 weeks because the DR could not get the heartbeat on the doppler...talk about nerve wracking!
In a sense I am lucky...I see the Dr every other week which means I hear my baby's heartbeat every other week.  On the other hand I am not there because I am healthy, I am a risk which means closer observation along with a home nurse visit once a week.
At 15 weeks, with a successful PICC line insertion, we finally let the cat out of the bag!  We were no longer trying to be discrete with our pregnancy!  We began to share the news with everyone :-)
At 15.5 weeks I started feeling movement...my doctor said that although it seemed early this wasn't my first pregnancy and I had lost so much weight that there wasn't much room for baby movements to be lost in.  Oddly enough, Leif felt the first movement at 16 weeks...we were both shocked :-)
At 17.5 weeks we found out that we are expecting a healthy baby boy...I kind of knew it!  My pregnancy/hyperemesis is almost exactly the same as with Aiden...I kind of felt like it was a boy but since I have only been pregnant with a boy I guess that is natural!  Our new baby boy looked great...small but that is to be expected with everything going on...all of his organs are gestationally perfect and just like early on he is SO ACTIVE!
My sister felt him move at 19 weeks :-)
Here we are at 20 weeks and 5 days.  At my last appointment I had FINALLY gained some weight!  I am still in the negatives but I "gained" a whopping 2 lbs   Our baby boy (YES he does have a name) is so darn active!  Sometimes I wonder when he rests but trust me I love it!  It is great piece of mind knowing that he is healthy in there with all of his flips and kicks!  Some days I think he can read my mind...when I am down in the dumps or worried, he always manages to make a move that says "it's gonna be ok Mommy"...I know, I am a dork :-)
The vomiting has not ended but that is OK!  We have it somewhat under control and that is really all I can ask for! 3 or so times a day is so much better than 20 times a day :-)

Here are a few pictures of our progress...
6 weeks

10 weeks
12 weeks
14 weeks
16 weeks
18 weeks
19 weeks
20 weeks

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