Sunday, October 28, 2012

Family Photos

A few weeks ago we finally had some recent family photos taken.  I act like it had been an eternity but it had really been just about a year since our last professional session.  I wanted to have 1 last session with the 3 of us before I started to show mainly for 2 reasons.  1.  I will probably have maternity photos taken so I wanted the focus to be on capturing us with Aiden and not a baby bump and 2. Leif's gone so much that I knew it was now or never.  After rescheduling several times for various reasons, all of the stars lined up and we were ready for our pictures.  Of course, 2 days before pictures Aiden busted his head open but I knew there were plenty of ways around it so we kept our appointment with the photographer.  I have to admit that I am always a nervous wreck before and during a photo session...please tell me that I am not the only one???  I mean really, how natural is it to "act natural" in front of a stranger who is holding a camera and your money just waiting for the perfect "natural" shot!  Kids are one thing because they can be so unpredictable but then add your husband into the mix (on a Sunday evening) and expect perfection!  I definitely think that "lifestyle" photography is the way to go but in my opinion it requires some sort of acting.  Don't get me wrong, Leif and I are in love BUT we aren't usually displaying that for someone else to, as usual, I am long winded and I haven't even touched on finding the perfect outfit with out looking like a bunch of dorks :-)  Maybe another time!  Here are a few of our AWESOME family pictures!  (Most of these were already on Facebook...with a couple of new ones)

Almost 14 years together!

He is our world!

Hello good hair day!

My life...

Although we didn't want to focus on the "bump" (or lack there of) we did manage to grab just a couple of shots while Aiden was warming up to the camera/playing on the beach...

I admit...I was pushing my stomach out a little!  Don't judge!

We are going to save a few for Christmas cards and also some really cute ones with our newest boy's name announcement!  Overall, I was completely stressed for nothing!  Aiden was in a fantastic mood and our photographer was very personable which made it easy for us to "act natural" in front of her!  It also helped that Leif thought it was hysterical to whisper his bathroom habits into my ear to make me laugh!!!

I really do LOVE all of them but I will leave you with my favorite!  I believe that this picture fully captures the love and admiration that Aiden has for his Daddy!  They say "a picture is worth a thousand words", this is an example of that....

*For my Hampton Roads friends...if you want the deets on our photographer just message me*

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