Monday, October 15, 2012

Wow...what a weekend!

We sure did have a busy weekend this week!  I think we calculated something like 5 or 6 weekends between now and Christmas and not many more between Christmas and possible deployment/baby's arrival  (yes they could happen at the same time ) that Leif will actually be able to have somewhat of a "weekend" so we are trying to make the most of his time off!!!  This weekend was no exception...

Daddy had duty on Friday and didn't get home as early on Saturday as is normal on a "duty weekend".  Being the responsible Officer that he is he stayed later to make sure the ship was properly "decorated" for the Navy's birthday!!!  Looks good babe!!!

Once Daddy was home, I cooked a huge breakfast (eggs, grits, potatoes and bacon) and then we headed to the clubhouse to celebrate our neighbor (and Aiden's buddy) Brayden's 2nd birthday!!!  We have some wonderful neighbors and have really enjoyed making new friends here.  The party was so much fun and the kids were all hyped up!

Checking out Brayden's gifts...

3 of the 4 blondies in the neighborhood!

Blowing out his candles...

Happy Birthday Brayden!

Getting ready to dig in to the gifts!
After the party, I had to get my hair done for the Navy ball so Daddy took "A" to get a haircut and then let him play in the truck while I finished up!

We grabbed a quick bite at Chick fil a and then headed home to get all "dolled up" to celebrate the Navy's Birthday at the Navy ball!  I put on Facebook that we were headed out to celebrate Leif's girlfriend's's so true!  She is the "other woman" in my marriage and that lucky broad gets more of his time than we do!  Most of my Navy wife friends feel the same way...we share our spouses with someone else but it is truly for the benefit of others so I guess we will let it slide!

Sunday was also a blur...breakfast, errands, Halloween costume shopping, short visit to the pumpkin patch...

Rush home....get ready for family pictures and out the door again!!!

Last year when we had family pictures taken, I was so happy with them that I could have cried!  I am always behind the camera so pics of me and "A" or all 3 of us are pretty rare.  I always get nervous before professional pictures.  Aiden is shy and usually clams up but we had a wonderful photographer who managed to capture the few smiles Aiden handed out so I was thrilled with the results!  This year was no exception.  I have only seen 6 pictures so far but I am in love!!!  Aiden was a complete ham.  He was cheesing like crazy and being so silly!  I can't wait to see the rest of the pictures...good thing I have a big brand new house with lots of bare walls because I am going to go crazy ordering pictures.  Here is a family one...I will post more when I get them back!

I was totally having a good hair day :-) and our photographer was able to "erase" A's boo boo!
As usual, our time with Daddy goes by way too quickly!  Although I have a laundry list of things I need him to help me with...I refuse to task him on the little bit of time he has at home with us!  I will figure out a way to get everything done but quality time with Daddy is SO RARE and it will be gone so quickly once he deploys!  If you haven't told your husband/wife today how thankful you are...try it...because there are a lot of families going to bed tonight without their loved ones.  The dishes, laundry, trash, yard, and DIY's can wait!!!
Thank you Leif for working so hard for us!!!!  We love you and value what an amazing Daddy/Hubby you are and we will miss you next week while you are out to sea!!!

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