Sunday, October 14, 2012

Accidents happen...

What happens when you have a busy 4 or 5 days ahead of you, it's picture day at school, and you are hosting a party in the evening...Murphy's Law happens...
Thursday morning around 8:20 I was packing Aiden's snack for school when I heard him come running into the living room and then splat....silence...followed by screaming!  I ran over to him, picked him up and he was covering his head.  I moved his hand and blood was everywhere!!!!  He had tripped on the rug (or his own 2 feet) and hit his head on our leather ottoman.  On the inside I was freaking out but on the outside I knew I had to stay calm.  I cradled him in my arms, put my hand over his head and screamed for my mom who, at the last minute, had come for a visit!  She grabbed a towel for me and I held Aiden and tried to apply enough pressure to stop the bleeding!  In case you have no experience with head trauma....the head bleeds like crazy!!!  There was blood shirt, my face, my hair...Aidens whole face, in his eye, behind his ears, in his hair, on his PJ's...Aiden cried for a while but surprisingly he calmed down before the bleeding stopped any wanted to lay on the couch!  A bloody head laying on the couch...awesome!!!  I called Leif on the ship, which I NEVER do and told them it was an emergency...the chick on the other line asked who I was???  Not that it's any of her business but "this is his wife and his son's head is bleeding profusely so please stop asking stupid questions and get LT. Gunderson"...OK so I didn't say that but I thought it!  (sometimes I wish I was just a tad more assertive)

We headed for the ER and I really really can't say enough wonderful things about the ER that we went to.  We were greeted, registered, given a toy for Aiden, and in a room in less than 20 minutes.  The doctor beat the nurse to our room and was so patient with my frightened 3 year old.  The decision is what I feared most...stitches :-(
Not to be a drama queen but it was AWFUL...seeing your sweet boy being held down, a needle put into his head, a sheet over his face, the tears and begs for everyone to stop literally broke my heart!  I was devastated but truly so proud of him!!!
Here is my tough guy and his battle wound...

After it was over he wanted some chips and a batman toy!  I am not kidding when I tell you that I would have bought that boy ANYTHING!!!  That may not be the right way to handle things but I don't care.  My heart was broken for him and if a dang batman toy was going to make him happy then so be it!!!
2 Batman toys and 2 movies later....he was feeling pretty good and I was still a mess!!!!  He will get the stitches out on Tuesday or Wednesday and I am so proud to say that he hasn't touched his "boo boo" one time!!!  We survived our first "big" accident...if I never experience that again it will be TOO SOON!!!

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