Friday, October 25, 2013

All things pumpkin...

 We are up to our elbows in pumpkins and patches and all things fall and it isn't even Halloween yet.  This may be one of my favorite times of year, aside from Christmas, summer, my birthday...ok, who am I kidding?  I like any occasion where I can eat, dress up, be with family and friends, drink coffee, drink wine, get presents, or have a reason to get a group together.  So pumpkins it is....
After about a week of rain, we both outfitted ourselves with new rain boots....there is something about being a boy and putting on some rain boots, finding water and mud and just exploring...

First was Aiden's school field trip to Taylor Farm..
This was right before he hopped 2 fences and bolted to the bounce house because he just couldn't wait any longer...

As usual...smallest in the group!

Every morning as we walk in these 2 little girls say "Hi Aiden"...STUD

Hay Ride out to see the wild horses

The Class

No Fear

Somehow this was the Perfect Pumpkin

This is what Aiden did the whole different from last year when he was glued to my leg!

Next up was a weekend with my brother Tim, Sister in law Tammy and sweet Marissa....since football was rain out (with no rain??) we headed to the pumpkin patch...

Uncle Tim on baby duty!



Buddies for the weekend

Next on our fall agenda was a Pumpkin painting extravaganza at our sweet neighbors house.  The temps have really dropped so we had to bundle up! usual

"sweet" little set up...lots of sugar for the kiddos

And a few treats for the adults

Adora-boo :-)

These two had a lovefest going on...holding hands the whole time.

A master at work...

T <3 L
I am thinking that this weekend will have to be filled with more fall there any other way!!!

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  1. Wait? What ? Someone is stealing my E?? Can't be ? HeHe.. And I'm
    So jealous of your "good" pictures!!