Tuesday, October 15, 2013


After my poopy day, I received a nice phone call from the hubby with the best news!  One of my biggest complaints about Navy life is that I never get to "settle" anywhere...we are constantly moving!  When we bought our beautiful dream home here we hoped and hoped that we could do 2 consecutive tours in the same place but knew that nothing was a guarantee!!!  After hearing conflicting news about what was available in our timeline and for Leif's career path, it was confirmed today that we will be staying here for our next tour which is at least 2 years.  GREAT NEWS but even better news is that the ship we are slated for is NOT schedule to deploy during our tour.  GREAT NEWS but EVEN BETTER news is that with this slate Leif might...I stress MIGHT...get to come home from deployment a little early in order to report to a school to brush up on his Nuclear Engineering skills.  I will take a little early ANY DAY OF THE WEEK over a full deployment!!!

I am so excited for more time here...in this home, in this neighborhood, with these friends, and on this journey!  More family time, more mommy and daddy time, time to make lots and lots of memories together!!!  I am thrilled at the slightest possibility that my LOVE may get to come home earlier than expected...even if it is just a few weeks!  I miss him terribly!  For the first time in a while we had something to laugh about on the phone and something to celebrate...some GREAT news for our family!