Monday, October 7, 2013

Ladies who brunch!

One of the best decisions Leif and I ever made was moving into our amazing neighborhood.  We live in a neighborhood that most would doubt existed.  It's wisteria lane, meets desperate housewives minus the backstabbing and drama.  There are so many amazing neighbors, each of us have our own thing going on yet everyone still manages to make time for each other.

For my family, with Leif being gone, Sundays are one of the loneliest days of the week!  Sunday is usually a family day and for the time being, my family is incomplete!  In order to make Sundays a little more exciting I decided to host a brunch for my fabulous neighbors who are also my friends (lucky me) to "celebrate" fall!  Not that we needed a reason to celebrate but it just seemed appropriate!  I provided coffee, tea, a breakfast casserole and a mimosa bar!  Everyone else brought a dish and one amazing neighbor brought all of the ingredients for a fantastic bloody Mary bar!

It is very, very, very rare that I get any time to myself...who am I kidding?  I don't get anytime to myself but for our ladies brunch the "dads" in the neighborhood agreed to watch the kids (E stayed with me) while us Mommies had a gab fest.  Prior to dropping Aiden off, while getting all dolled up and putting my lipstick on, I hear Aiden calling me from the other I go prancing into the living room I hear "Mommy, come wipe my butt please" my head I said to myself "heels, lipstick, and wiping a butt...this IS my life"  As fancy as I felt, I couldn't help but laugh...not just at Aiden's explanation of the shape of his bowels but at the irony of it all!!!  Kids sure have a way of putting all the fuss into perspective!

Once Aiden was freshened up and happily playing with his buddy Connolly and his girlfriend Mommies were ready for some awesome conversation and maybe a mimosa or two!

Make your own Mimosa Bar

Bloody Mary Bar

A toast!

The coffee went untouched!

Little man just hanging with the ladies

E's Girlfriend Addi came...Addi's Mom is the most amazing next door neighbor ever!

Still not as tall as my bff Jolene...even in heels

The newest fab lady!

A few of the new additions to the hood...yes I said a few!

My house looks so southern!  

The group!  Seriously doesn't get better than this!

Making the first drink!

It was such a great "brunch" which lasted almost 4 hours.  We probably could have talked all day long!  It really was a treat to have some "mommy" time with a group of women who truly bring out the best in each other.  I am so incredibly Thankful to be a part of such an amazing network of women!  I really hope that they know how much they mean to me and how blessed I feel to have them in my life.  Ladies, you know who you are, thank you for giving me something to look forward to.  You are there for a fabulous Sunday brunch and you are there when I spill paint on my carpet and have no clue how to get it up!  When I have my hands occupied with one child and the other needs me, you always swoop in and make an overwhelming situation manageable!  As I said in a previous blog, It takes a village to raise a family...THANK YOU ladies for being such a huge part of my village!!!

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