Monday, October 14, 2013

Deployment date night!

 This weekend all the lovely ladies of "The Pepper" (our hood) got together for a ladies night which Tara organized and referred to as "deployment date night".  Our neighborhood has several military families including myself and 1 other wife whose hubs are currently deployed and  our sweet neighbors make sure we get a little grown up time!
Since I always have my boys with me, I rarely get the opportunity to "dress up" and by dress up I mean wear heels :-)!  There was a time in my life where it was odd to see me in flats but as agile as I may be, I don't want to fall while holding a child so I literally had to dust off my heels for this night out!
I emailed this picture to hubs on the ship...hopefully it put a little pep in his day!
We began our night at Tara's house where she had the cutest Halloween cups and festive drinks for all of us...
"Break out the Boo's"...too cute Tara!

Before we left we had to get another picture of the group...THIS should be the next Southern Living cover...
Load up the cars and off we go...

We headed downtown to a sweet wine bar...Press 626
We immediately began ordering wine, cheese plates, scallops, risotto...there was so much goodness being passed around the table...
Another thing being passed around the table was great conversation and support!  Imagine a group of 10 women, different ages, different backgrounds, different interests yet we can be a constant source of friendship and laughs for one another.  There is no drama, no backstabbing...just good fun, good food and FANTASTIC friendship! 

We don't get to pick our neighbors but we do get to decide which relationships to nurture...I know that where we are, with these ladies, is where the good Lord wanted us to be!  Raising our babies in an enriching and supportive environment!
 Thanks ladies for another wonderful night!  I am blessed to have such a wonderful group of friends reminding me everyday just how good I have it here in The Pepper!  
Lastly, as we ended our night my past can take the girl away from the cheer but you can NEVER take the cheer away from the girl!

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