Monday, October 11, 2010

Happy Birthday Alison!

Tomorrow, October 12th, is a very special day for a very special person in my life!  I consider myself to be a pretty fortunate person in the fact that I have several girls that I can call my very best friends!  Very few friendships withstand the test of time and distance so the fact that I have a handful of girlfriends makes me one very lucky girl!  I wanted to dedicate this blog to one of my amazing girlfriends!  Alison and I were forced to be friends (haha) because our guys were childhood friends...those guys are now our husbands!  Our first meeting wasn't "love" at first sight but our second one was!  We had an instant connection and bond that has only grown over the years!  We have gone from 2 teenage gals who would talk and giggle for hours to 2 momma's who no longer have hours to talk but we sure do manage to get in those giggles!  We used to think that we were living the life but little did we know that our lives would only get better and better with time!  To my amazing friend Alison, I want to thank you so much for the joy of your friendship.  The memories we have are truly priceless and one of a kind!  Although distance has separated us by miles our friendship has never wavered!  I hope have an amazing birthday that is followed by an unforgettable year!  Happy Birthday Alison!!!
2 silly girls!  
2 Mommas
Forever Friends!

Happy Birthday Ali!!!

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