Sunday, October 3, 2010

Welcome to the Adventures in Gunder-Land!

Hello Everyone and welcome to my blog!  I have contemplated writing a blog for many months now and was worried that I wouldn't have the time to give it my all!  However I decided that I would give it a trial run and see how it goes!  I may never find the time to write or I may have no one interested in what I have to say but the only way to know is to try!  Follow along as I talk about the adventures in my life which include being married to a Naval Officer (or as I like to say "being married to the military"), being a first time mom raising a little boy, and being an ambitious woman who will always be attempting perfection (whatever that may be)!  I hope you will enjoy reading about my thoughts, challenges and experiences!  Welcome to the Adventures in Gunder-Land!

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