Monday, November 15, 2010

8 Years of Kassidy

On November 15, 2002 at 7:31 p.m. my beautiful niece Kassidy Rene Lowry was born weighing 9lbs 1oz.  She was a much needed blessing in our family and was an immediate ray of light in each of our eyes.  Today, Kassidy turns 8 and although I may be a little biased I can assure you that she is an amazing little girl who is not only wise beyond her years but also caring, genuine, giving and extremely outgoing.  If I may, I will share a short story!  Kassidy is very frugal with her money and is very good at saving every penny.  On the evening of Kasey's birthday (Kassidy's younger sister), Kassidy said to her mommy and sister that she would be right back...she ran upstairs, went into her piggy bank, took out a $5 bill, covered it in stickers and brought it downstairs and gave it to Kasey for her birthday!  Such a thoughtful gesture from a little girl who was only 7 at the time.  Whenever I take Kassidy or Kasey to the store, Kassidy always makes sure that whatever she gets, Kasey gets too, and if Kasey isn't with us she makes sure that Kasey likes what she gets so that she can share it with her little sister!  Kassidy is the big sister that every little sister dreams of.  This past year has been very difficult on Kassidy and Kasey as some things in their family life have changed...but Kassidy has handled herself with such maturity and grace!

To my beautiful niece Kassidy,
I want to wish you the most amazing 8th Birthday!  I hope you know how incredible you are and how much we love you.  I am so proud to have you as my niece and am constantly amazed by you.  You are such a talented, caring, motivated, driven, bubbly, empathetic, smart, outgoing and generous little girl.  I hope you know that although you are still young, there is not one thing in this world that you can't accomplish.  You can be and do anything that you want to...working hard and being focused will help you to continue to be successful in school and in life.  Mommy, Grammy, Uncle Leif and I would do absolutely anything for you and we will always be here for you...thank you for being such a great big sister, an amazing niece and of course so gentle and patient with baby Aiden...I love you so much Kass!  Happy 8th Birthday!


  1. Oh Teresa that was amazing. Its all so true, but only you could have said it so eloquently!!! I love my family so much!

  2. She's so adorable!

    She has a pretty rockin Auntie too!